For anything against Python, it has become a marginal habit to share Rhea Moutafis' articles. So much that i've begun to think that the person is simply a Python hater and not someone making a critical study etc. His two Python articles are: "Why Python is not the programming language of the future" and "Bye-bye Python. Hello Julia!" where he links to the first. Here are some comments about "Why Python is not the programming language of the future". He does however share Python tips on his Twitter feed.

Python is slow. Like, really slow. On average, you’ll need about 2–10 times longer to complete a task with Python than with any other language.

No idea why he says Python is really slow. He quoted a hackernoon article but does not provides any use case. "It’s the GIL" argument must be inspected if it's not the coder's ignorant use of Python. And you always have numerous options if you want speed like pypy and Nuitka that litterally coverts Python to C codes so that you can get as much speed as you like. But again dev time in Python is much faster so that at the end it's a net gain. Since no context, we can't dwell much in here. As for "On average, you’ll need about 2–10 times longer to complete a task with Python than with any other language.", i experience just the opposite

Python tried to transition to static scoping, but messed it up.

The quoted quora question has an answer that says that Guido "has a history of getting the language design really wrong". XD for someone who has a doctorate and has been in language making well before Python, i'd say that we can trust the guy.

Despite all of the flexibility within Python, the usage of Lambdas is rather restrictive.

I don't understand how this point is supposed to bring down Python in the future

On whitespace & braces:

For bigger projects, this (having braces) is a lot more useful

Silly argument really as if big Python projects suffer because of it

But since mobile has long surpassed desktop traffic, it’s safe to say that learning Python is not enough to become a seasoned all-round developer.

XD it's more back-end and front-end along with algos and system design which makes you an able developer. Else every non-mobile dev makes a poor engineer

Runtime Errors

Basically listing disadvantage of a non-compiled language. "But for seasoned developers, having to debug a complex program in Python makes them go awry" is a weird, unsupported argument.

He concludes: "But given the performance issues that are fundamental in the architecture of Python," You get performance issues with Python ... being someone who is pursuing his Phd in Physics, he should be aware that the 'slow' Python enabled humanity to see the first picture of a blackhole XD


Clickbait article which should better be titled as Weaknesses of Python. It fails to answer the question of why it's not the language of the future. It did not analyse:

  • trends of the future
  • effort of the Python committee to make Python better, are they enough, are they in the wrong direction
  • where the global IT market is heading, what skills will be needed and is Python apt to patch the need
  • breakthroughs that might disrupt traditional programming
  • how the Python team is patching and plans to patch current weaknesses and how far were they successful


"and the weak points that will break it in the future." since he did not say "might break" we assume that the author got sure news of the future.