Not And Or and Xor gate

binary means of two states. electricity can flow or not. current can be on or off. current on represents true. current off represents false. or current on represents 1 and current off represents 0. it could have been apple and pears

The Transistor as foundation

a transistor is an electronic …

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Division by substraction

computers can’t multiply. they add or substract e.g. let us divide 10/3 by using substraction. we’ll deduce 3 from 10 on and on

10/3 is 3 1/3

count      step
7           +1
4           +1
1           +1

where 1 is the remainder

3 steps with …

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Python, For The ❤ of It

Python love

This (long) post describes my first meeting with Python, my subsequent trip with it. It recounts my impressions as a complete beginner, my brush with the community and the things i built with it. My coding path in sum. Specially dedicated to all those beginning to code. As the words …

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Deque: Add Superpowers To Your Python Lists Using This Feature

Python lists are nice, deque spice things up. let's see how.

disclaimer: that's a somewhat really complete guide on deque.

bonus: sample program at the end

What does deque stands for?

deque stands for double-ended queue

let's import only deque as we are experimenting

from collections import deque

next …

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Using Python Function As Classes

In Python, you can use functions as classes. In py, everything is an object. How? I'm no py expert. Here's how we do it!

An Innocent Python Function

a function is like that

def devdotto():

and a class is like that:

class Car:
    def __init__(self):
        self.wheel = 4 …
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